Technical Support

When something breaks we’re here to help, our team provides both on location and remote technical assistance that won’t break the bank.

Technical Consultation

Looking for a equipment upgrade but aren’t sure where to start?

Our experts will design a solution around your needs to get you up and running.

Virus Removal

Have a virus you can’t get rid of?

Our experts have state of the art toolkit to remove and prevent viruses getting into your machine. 

Data Recovery

Do you have a data drive that you cannot recovery information on, deleted an important file on your computer?


We offer best in class data recovery from single files and folders to entire drives

System Buliding

Do you want a custom built computer to match your needs? 


Our expert team will match your needs and wants to build you the computer that’ll keep you moving or gaming within all budgets.

Website Solutions

Looking to start a website for your blog or business, have an existing website that’s running slow?

We offer website building,optimization and hosting services for any size site. 


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